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Diploma in naturotherapy!

MTC Alchemy is a therapeutic practice that will be useful for life and a method for changing destiny! It is considered the "nuclear weapon" of traditional Chinese medicine!

Ancient Chinese alchemy, also known as "Zhuyou" in ancient times, is a noble and mysterious profession. Its history dates back to the unwritten ancient period. Even the oldest Chinese medical book, the "Huangdi Neijing" from 2500 years ago, indicates that "Our ancestors treated illnesses by moving vital energy, which could only be accomplished by Zhuyou."

Ancient Chinese alchemy has been developed and evolved over the centuries to eventually be combined with traditional Chinese medicine. During the Yuan and Ming periods (750 years ago), it was classified into twelve disciplines, such as acupuncture, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, radial pulse, orthopedics, etc. It is considered the "nuclear weapon" of Chinese medicine.

In other words, ancient Chinese alchemy was often used for complex and difficult-to-understand diseases, such as mental and emotional problems and the diseases they cause.


For those who are familiar with traditional Chinese medicine, they have already heard of "Qi", which is considered the foundation of this medicine. Without "Qi", there is no traditional Chinese medicine. The term "Shen"/"God" refers to the positive force of nature, and "deities" are personifications used to facilitate learning. Now let's discuss why the Zhu You method is considered the "nuclear weapon" of traditional Chinese medicine and its therapeutic principle.

The heart of traditional Chinese medicine is "Qi", and all techniques of traditional Chinese medicine work through "Qi", such as massage, acupuncture, scraping, Chinese herbs, and the Zhu You method, etc. However, there is a significant difference between the Zhu You method and the others because it directly uses "Qi", while other methods only indirectly use it.

But how can we directly use "Qi"? First, we should understand what "Qi" is through practice. If you don't know what "Qi" looks like in your own body, you won't be able to know what "Qi" looks like in others' bodies.

When our own positive "Qi" is sufficient, we can feel the positive "Qi" of nature, and use this positive force to act on the client's body to modify their "Qi" field. This is the therapeutic principle of the MTC alchemy method. As the positive force of nature is infinite, the therapeutic effect is very powerful, which is why it is considered the "nuclear weapon" of traditional Chinese medicine.

The 7 Tools

Ancient Chinese alchemy proposes seven main tools as a solution: Qi, mantra, symbolism, herbal therapy, acupressure, Feng Shui, and darts.

Qi is at the heart of all the tools and is considered by ancient Chinese as "the unity between Heaven and Man." Modern practices include Qigong and meditation, which raise a person's energy level to adapt their own state and help others adapt.

Mantra is the password to communicate with the energy of the universe. By circulating Qi, the mantra resonates in phase with the deepest energy of the universe, allowing for the resolution of health problems.

Symbolism involves drawing symbols in space or on paper to communicate with the energy of the universe to help with health. Like the mantra, it is also the password to communicate with the energy of the universe.

Herbal therapy involves guiding the energy of the universe to plants, water, or food to increase their therapeutic effectiveness.

Acupressure: Please refer to "acupressure in Qigong" above.

Feng Shui is a method by which a person's health and luck are closely related to the magnetic field of their environment. Ancient Chinese alchemy can help transform negative magnetic fields into positive ones to improve health and well-being.

Darts: In ancient China, people could not make current acupuncture needles and did not have regular disinfection measures, so at that time, people used darts with Qi to act on the body from a distance.

Course Features

1st stage: Theory + Qi Gong
2nd stage: Qi Gong + Practice
3rd stage: Practice + Tools
4th stage: Tools + Symptoms


1. Authenticity: Authentic Taoist transmission
2. Verified effectiveness: Quick verification of therapeutic effect; mutual practice, personal experience of miraculous effectiveness;
3. Secret transmission: Belonging to an internal transmission, related techniques cannot be found online, in libraries, bookstores or schools.
4. Comprehensive: Covers almost all common human body diseases and is suitable for a wide range of clients;
5. Stable: Stable and long-lasting efficacy;
6. Safety: No toxicity or side effects on the human body, herbs used are mainly food, safe, eco-friendly and easily acceptable by patients;
7. Compatibility: Can be used in conjunction with other therapies without obstruction;
8. Preventive: Achieving physical strength, prolonging life.

Scope of Application

Mental health problems: Depression, nightmares, night crying in children, unexplained tension, unexplained anxiety.
Problems related to the five senses: Eyes, nose, mouth, ears.
Pain problems: Pain in different parts of the body.
Internal organ problems: Symptoms of all internal organs.

Innovative Traditional Chinese Medicine