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Master traditional Chinese Medicine in 12 days

The vision changes the result

If you touch a point, the whole body follows

Herbs also have a soul

Course introduction

Innovative Traditional Chinese Medicine (ITCM) is a simple, direct and effective therapeutic system that summarizes the vast and complex traditional Chinese medicine.

It does not require dialectic learning of complex concepts such as yin and yang, the five elements, Qi and blood, etc. This unique theoretical system puts the essence of Chinese medicine in formula format, which is more suited to the Western mind; even layman persons can learn quickly and make use of it skillfully in daily life and work.

ITCM is divided into three directorates: Manipulo-Viscero-ITCM, Osteo-Tissue-ITCM, Naturo-ITCM

What value can ITCM bring to you?

1. To open new vison and improve cognition:
The theory of ITCM includes 3 movements, 4 regions and 5 elements, 36 switches and 72 subswitches in human body, and 36 natural herbs. All of these help better understand the eastern philosophical thinking and find mysterious shortcuts to heal quickly.

2. To win more clients and earn more income
The main range of services provided by most paramedical practitioners is still limited to pain management. While many therapists can solve pain, competition is very keen in such a small range of services.

In many cases, general pain problems can be solved by a good therapist with one or two visits; however these clients may not come back after symptoms relieved. The strength of ITCM, however,is not limited to pain problems, but also help to "treat" a variety of complicated diseases which is otherwise difficult to heal. This includes internal medical conditions in lung, heart and digestive system, as well as male and gynecological problems, etc. In other words, ITCM can significantly expand the scope of services,enhance our competition in this area, and thus may help more clients, especially for those reluctant to accept acupuncture or having concerns on side effects of medication.

3. To attain very good therapeutic results at low cost and little time
Usually taking a series of Traditional Chinese medicine training program may take 3-5 years; some need even 7 years, at the cost of ten thousand dollars or more. By choosing ITCM, you only spend very little money and become much more competent and competitive in a just few days.

4. To improve working with less physical exertion:
The practice of ITCM is simple, soft and safe, and it takes only 20 to 30 minutes. Tea preparation does not require physical work. You do not need to work incessantly for an hour or more as a massage therapist. If you wish, you can work until you turn 70.

5. Easy to learn:
You don't need to spend time and energy to learn the complex anatomy and physiology.Simply remember the corresponding parts and meridians, and you can learn the essence of ITCM theory in one day. ITCM techniques are also very simple and do not require physical strength.

Let's open this mysterious door together!

Course Overview

For systematic, comprehensive and meticulous study, the ITCM training program includes three sections: Manipulo-Viscero-MTCI, Osteo-Tissulaire-MTCI, Naturo-MTCI

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Innovative Traditional Chinese Medicine