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What is Manipulo-Viscero-ITMC

Manipulo-Viscero-ITCM is the application of ITCM theory and unique techniques to solve health problems in internal organs of human body.Through in-depth observation and numerous practices, we systematically rearrange all meridians and acupuncture points in human body . According to ITCM, 36 secret switches are found in the body. Knowing this, we hold the key to health and wellness.

ITCM describes the human body as 3 movements, 4 regions,5 elements,and 36 "switches".

They are mutually dependent and stimulating. Through unique mental methods and physical practice, we only need simple dialectics and techniques to solve visceral pain and joint discomfort.

3 movements of the energy in human body

The 3 mouvement are:
Revolution, rotation and cell respiration.

Manipulo-Viscero-ITCM describes the path of energy movement in human as revolution and rotation, just as the earth revolves around the sun and rotates on itself. Revolution movement is the general operation in 4 regions, whereas rotation is the energy interactions between organs.

The third movement, cellular respiration, can be activated and stimulated thanks to its vital features for well-being. The law of cell movement works in two ways, i.e., the interaction between cells and the interaction between inside and outside of a single cell.

Once abnormal movements are identified between physical and energy bodies region, we can restore the functioning of human body by Manipulo-Viscero-ITCM. This innovative system defines human disorders in a simplistic manner and offers direct and effective solutions without the need to remember complex terms in modern medicine.

4 regions in human body

Region 0: spine and back
Region 1: chest (above diaphragm), heart, head and upper limbs
Region 2: small abdominal cavity (below diaphragm and above navel)
Region 3: abdominal cavity (below navel), pelvis and lower limbs

In these four regions, energy is integrated, undergoing allocation and aggregation and producing new energy. It manifests the performance of internal organs as well as their pathological changes, and in turn directly affects human health and well-being.

5 elements of human body

Since revolutionary distribution of the five elements consistently occurs within and beyond all parts of the body,ITCM depicts five elements at the levels of physical body and energy connections, i.e. interactions of the 5 elements

The five-element theory in ITCM is an innovative refinement of the traditional version in Chinese medicine. It offersa simplistic, demystifie,delucidation of the otherwise complex concepts in Chinese medicine, making these traditional elements figurative and can be formuleted. People with no relevant background including those western minds can easily understand and put into practice. The measurement of therapeutic effect also becomes clearer and more meaningful.

The 36 switches: where are they?

These switches are essential doors to the interaction between human and cosmic energy. Once the body gets sick, the corresponding gateway closes, or we call it "locked". As long as we can reopen the lock, the disease is cured. If people keep their 36 doors open to the universe, they will maintain health and well-being.

These are:
Region 0: 14 switches.
Region 1: 7 switches.
Region 2: 3 switches.
Region 3: 12 switches

Module in formula

This new concept and work formula make the complex dialectical thinking of traditional Chinese medicine much easier. There are five formulas, which includes one general formula and four sub-formulas in Western thinking.

General formula:
Revolution switch + rotational switch + respiration point
Region 0: revolution switch + rotation switch + the respiration point .
Region 1: revolution switch + rotation switch + the respiration point .
Region 2: revolution switch + rotation switch + the respiration point.
Region 3: revolution switch + rotation switch + the respiration point.
In traditional practice of ancient Chinese medicine, all these switches are interactively connected and used with different combinations.

What will you be able to do after this training program?

Equipped with these secret and powerful keys, you will be able to helpclients with the following disorders.

General organs: Difficult breathing and lung problems, heart palpitations and difficulties, difficulty in digestion, constipation, diarrhea, pain in liver, stomach, intestine and gallbladder, etc.

Female genital disorders: Abnormal menstruation, heavy menstrual bleeding or missed periods, pelvic pain, menopause, white discharge, sexual desire disorder, difficulty urinating, urge to frequent urination, urinary urgency, urinary incontinence, leaking urine, ovarian cyst, uterine fibroids.

Male genital problems:  Low sex drive, impotence, difficulty urinating, urge to frequent urination, urinary urgency, urinary incontinence, leaking urine, prostatitis and pelvic pain, testicular discomfort, etc.

Others: Hypertension, dizziness, thyroid problems, mouth and tongue problems, cold sensation in body or limbs, insomnia, age-related memory loss, endocrine disorders, abnormal cells in the breast tissue, muscle tension, diabetes, stroke prevention and related complications, various pain conditions, etc.


Effect of Manipulo-Viscero-ITCM

The effect is fast! Symptoms of some short-term health conditions and superficial lesions can usually be resolved immediately or with one session of treatment. Long-term aliments or deep lesions need 3 to 5 times; we can see very clear changes or even solve the problem.

For more severe and complicated diseases, 10 sessions of treatment will allow you to see the magic results.

Dialectic features of Manipulo-Viscero-ITCM

1. It classifies all tangible and invisible energy into yin-yang and five elements. All problems are the results of energy imbalance;vice versa,health and wellness come from well-adjusted balance of these elements.Therapists and other learners may simply focus on keeping energy balance of the yin-yang and the five elements without the need for studying complex anatomical and physiological knowledge.

2. It surpassed the physiological limits inherent in human body and provides a multidimensional plane through the dialectic of yin-yang and the five elements.
For example, we can stimulate the kidney function by "treating" the heart. According to ITCM, the heart zone is located on the neck. Massage on some particular points on the neck can improve the energy of the reproductive system.

Another example is for people with stomach problems. We can adjust liver energy to help ameliorate various stomach conditions. In ITCM, the liver area is on the thigh. With ITCM, we identify the real cause and use the right key to solving the problem, and we heal without harm too.

How it works? We find the real cause mainly through palpation. First, touch the nodes on the meridians to identify if body/organis sick. Second,find out the cause of the problem through the technique of "eight diagrams of the abdomen".


Characteristics of the Manipulo-Viscero-ITCM technique

1. No medication needed (no pills nor needles) 
2. Safe and effective with no side-effects 
3. Positive outcome of the treatment lasts for longer time, with little chance of relapse.
4. Non-surgical procedures required and no bone cracking at all

What will you learn from our training program?

1. Understand basic theory of ITCM, 3 movements, 4 regions, 5 elements.
2. Know energy relationship between the five elements and between the yin and the yang.
3. Able to locate the 36 switches, know the properties and functions of each switch, and how to combine different switches as formula for therapeutic application.
4. How to feel the movement of human Qi and blood energy through sensation of touch with fingers.
5. How to achieve the best therapeutic effect by palpation with appropriate force.
6. How to know what combinations of switches are used to solve health problems.
7. Master some combinations of specific switches and start practicing in real settings.
8. Understand the relationship between ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy and quantum physics, and why physical and mental problems can be solved simultaneously.
9. Comprehend the yin, the yang and the five elements correspond to which part of the human body (different from traditional Chinese medicine).
10. How to evaluate the current state of QI and blood flow, and whether internal organs are healthy (different from traditional Chinese medicine).
11. How to evaluate,ameliorate and correct distortions/deformities of bones and muscles in important parts of the physical body including pelvis, spine, clavicle, scapula, diaphragm, etc.

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